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    Cold Brew with Left Field Farms Coffee Creamer

    left field farms coffee creamer

    I love the idea of incorporating more natural ingredients and products into my lifestyle, so I partnered with Left Field Farms and Walmart to bring you this blog post! #Sponsored

    I love coffee. If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while you know that I tend to post a boomerang on my stories of my one of my daily cups. The creamy clouds mixed with dark cold brew just put a smile on my face – I genuinely look forward to my first cup of coffee every morning.

    So when I found out about Left Field Farms coffee creamer, I was sold. Left Field Farms creamer is made with real milk, real cream, and real sugar. I don’t feel like I’m adding an overly processed product to my precious cup of cold brew, and it gives a subtle vanilla flavor (NOT overly sweet and fake tasting) that I loooove. I add two tablespoons to a ten ounce cup and that gives me the perfect ratio of cream/sugar to coffee.

    Not only does it taste good, but it’s Validus® Animal Welfare Certified Verified. So you can feel good about your purchase all around!

    Head to your nearest Walmart to pick up a bottle for yourself – located right in the dairy aisle! I like the Vanilla flavor, but they also have a Sweet Cream flavor that I want to try next.


    {Dairy-Free} Perfect Keto Hot Chocolate

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    After eating keto for so long, you just kind of start to fall into habits.

    You eat the same meals daily, you don’t deviate from what’s working from you at the time. Which makes sense, of course. But man, when I cook up something special or different from time to time, I’m in my happy place. Read more