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    Hi, My Name is Kelley and I’m Depressed


    It’s a hard subject to talk about. It’s not something I necessarily want to talk about, but something that’s been on the tip of my tongue for weeks now.

    At this very moment I am coming out of a depressive episode that has lasted months. Things are clear and lighter now, but as always, I never know how long it will last. Historically, I’ve done a shitty job at recognizing triggers, acknowledging my moods, and pushing myself when I feel stuck. I’m terrible about finding and keeping a therapist (I’ve seen a few, they never seem to stick). And I’m realizing that I never really know that I’m in the throes of depression until I’m out of it. Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20.

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    Fall Fashion New Arrivals I Love

    What Kelley Likes Fall Fashion New Arrivals

    The weather has finally turned in Philadelphia, so I’m popping in with some new arrivals for fall that I’m loving right now!

    When I’m looking for fall staples I gravitate towards pieces with super rich colors and interesting details, and also things that will work with the summer and winter pieces I already own and know I will wear.

    What’s your favorite trend this season? Right now I’m loving brown and orange tones mixed with emerald green, plaids, and any kind of texture (obviously corduroy is a go-to). What do you think?


    {Dairy-Free} Perfect Keto Hot Chocolate

    What Kelley Likes Perfect Keto Hot Chocolate

    After eating keto for so long, you just kind of start to fall into habits.

    You eat the same meals daily, you don’t deviate from what’s working from you at the time. Which makes sense, of course. But man, when I cook up something special or different from time to time, I’m in my happy place. Read more


    9 Fall Movies To Binge Watch This Season

    What Kelley Likes Fall Movie Playlist

    There’s something about fall that makes me crave coziness. Plush blankets, warm flannel, just-brewed tea. I get really into movies in the fall. As the temperature drops my movie playlist begins, and I know just what to stream when I’m in the mood to get cozy.

    Below are 9 of my absolute favorite movies for fall. So grab a blanket and some hot chocolate and start your movie binge!

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